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I'm a Disabled Air Force Vet with hobbies up the wazoo. They include quilting, counted cross-stitch sewing, needlework, and crochet. I also have a ton of books and music, the variety of which would astound you. I also enjoy a good RPG video game. I also have a collection of horses, unicorns, pegasus, dragons, cats, and swords. I've written two books of Poetry and am working on ideas for SciFi/Fantasy Novels. You'll often find me hanging out at the "Snail Mail" Forum or any of the other Contest Forums around town. If you've made it to the end of this Bio and haven't found it strange yet. check out my portfolio. You won't be disappointed.
Knowledge of Wisdom: Bio of An Elfin Dragon - Fantasy Novel; I'll continue to add to.
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Folder contains poetry of all kinds: Inspirational, Love, Dark, Humorous and various kinds
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folder for circle journal progress reports
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