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Welcome to my work space, I have a small variety of self help articles and short stories here to browse through. I have a couple of poems as well. I am a prose writer who can show you an intense reading experience no matter what genre I'm asked to give it to you in. I'm passionate about life and its many offerings. I should warn you, if you go down this path with me, it is a one way trip. Much of the things I write about today, are only but a paragraph in one book I've taken, from tomorrow. Beyond that whether it is cheer or sorrow, Is up to you. You may have been given you a link, no one made you follow.
A rather short treat for your minds. Two boys have fun occupying their time.
Rated: E
~509 Words
Children's, Emotional, Friendship
Type: Short Story
Updated 6 years ago
Writer will describe creative 'flow'.
Rated: E
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Educational, Environment, Experience
Type: Article
Updated 5 years ago
I was asked to write about what inspires me. So I did.
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Inspirational, Educational, Self Help
Type: Assignment
Updated 7 years ago
    Rated: 18+ · Community · #2115994
    To the pro's. I'm coming for you, do you like coffee or? That moment when....
    Rated: 18+ · Other · #2108728
    Random Ideas or concepts from various projects. Reviewers note, these are mere scribbles.
    Rated: 18+ · Research · #2018463
    My blog is in here, this folder is under construction for some time.
    Rated: E · Community · #2018347
    Cnotes are timeless.
    Rated: E · Self Help · #2018346
    Promoting Self Awareness.
    Rated: E · Philosophy · #2018344
    In keeping things tidy, a place for my favorite poem, to invite friends, seemed in order.
    Rated: E · Children's · #2018342
    Character concepts, short stories.
    Rated: 13+ · Fanfiction · #2018336
    A world where fantasy finds ways to escape.
    Rated: E · Community · #2018334
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