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Hi everybody! I write stories about animals from popular media (and some of my own original characters) needing to answer "nature's call". Feel free to read and review!
    Rated: GC · Animal · #2118122
    Wesley has a sleepover party with his friends.
    Rated: 13+ · Animal · #2118092
    Dragon from Jane and the Dragon needs to go to the bathroom. Knowledge of show required.
    Rated: 18+ · Animal · #2117813
    Wesley the bunny needs to use the bathroom at school.
    Rated: 18+ · Animal · #2116256
    Alex needs to use the bathroom after crash-landing with his pals in Africa.
    Rated: 13+ · Animal · #2116223
    This is a reimagining of one of the early scenes in Disney's Chicken Little.
    Rated: 13+ · Animal · #2116131
    While traveling with the herd, Diego needs to go to the bathroom.
    Rated: ASR · Animal · #2114595
    EB's rabbit friends pull some embarrassing pranks on EB.
    Rated: 13+ · Animal · #2114497
    Blu from "Rio" needs to use the bathroom on his trip to the Amazon.
    Rated: ASR · Animal · #2114196
    Thumper needs the bathroom
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