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I'm English and at the moment I live in Exeter while I continue my studies, but I've lived all over the place. I usually write mild fantasy, the real world with some kinks. The Shadow Tamer is something I have 'finished' (at least three times now) and am in the process of editing. Please let me know what you think. Any feedback is massively helpful, whether it's on style substance or just whether you enjoyed it or not. (No grammar comments please though, it's a known flaw, depends on country, and I have a copy editor to shout at me plenty :S). I'll of course read and review in return.
The Gateway is no place for a teenage girl - Please R & R, synopsis included
Rated: 13+
~3,318 Words
*Dollar* 750 GPs per review
Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Dark
Type: Chapter
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