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WDC gives a great place for storage, so no more excuses for losing articles. I dream of using language like a painter uses canvas, or a photographer film--to freeze one moment in time as unique, beautiful and awesome. Not there yet, but working on it. I am retired, and my father for whom I cared has passed. My job now is to clear out his house in which I have lived a long time, and find a new place to live asap. I have a lot on my plate right now.
Short short story. Summer love for kids staying with relatives while school's out.
Rated: E
~1,679 Words
Romance/Love, Melodrama, Contest Entry
Type: Short Story
Updated 3 years ago
Common elements of TV and Movie Cowboy Shows
Rated: E
~726 Words
Western, Comedy, Entertainment
Type: Article
Updated 8 years ago
    Rated: E · Romance/Love · #1598579
    Short short story. Summer love for kids staying with relatives while school's out.
    Rated: E · Relationship · #2044910
    A grieving woman finds therapy in music.
    Rated: E · Other · #1578154
    Various attempts at poetry, different types. Practice to improve.
    Rated: 13+ · Drama · #2024098
    A story of two people who didn't like each other.
    Rated: E · Drama · #2008491
    For a contest, photo inspiration. A relationship changes after a festive evening.
    Rated: E · Western · #1999242
    A chapter not finished.Inspired by an existing story, but 30 years later Fanfiction?
    Rated: E · Western · #2007658
    Contest, 2 shy people meet "Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve". J. K. Rowling
    Rated: E · Experience · #1553341
    Collection of brief, real tales, events
    Rated: E · Holiday · #1586968
    This is a collection of other people's Christmas memories and experiences.
    Rated: E · Tribute · #2024140
    Actual tributes or memories of people I have known
    Rated: E · Western · #2005234
    Common elements of TV and Movie Cowboy Shows
    Rated: E · Entertainment · #2004256
    Review and summary of short film, Vic, directed by Sage Stallone
    Rated: E · Western · #2003846
    How I Became Addicted To Western TV shows, books, movies, and Western history
    Rated: E · Food/Cooking · #1921074
    An introduction to a collection of family recipes.
    Rated: 13+ · Cultural · #1437803
    I've maxed out. Closed this blog.
    Rated: 13+ · Family · #2058371
    Musings on anything.
    Rated: E · How-To/Advice · #1519785
    Recovery, never easy or finished, gets nutritional help.
    Rated: E · Business · #1468027
    Inspired by a business man I know.
    Rated: E · Children's · #1457019
    Reliving girls' formal awards ceremony
    Rated: 13+ · Adult · #1553592
    Chapters to be read as independent stories or in sequence. work-in-progress Abandoned.
    Rated: E · Medical · #1586964
    A look at my medical problems to help others. Sound like I'm surprised? I was at one time.
    Rated: E · Children's · #2045430
    A child's story about getting ready for bed.
    Rated: E · Genealogy · #1566725
    A series of articles of genealogy
    Rated: E · Contest Entry · #2036463
    Short short to illustrate a typical day in the life of a character, characterization
    Rated: E · Contest Entry · #1691704
    WDC interviews player in spy scenario
    Rated: E · Contest · #1613693
    for quotation contest. When is living not worth the effort?
    Rated: E · Drama · #2005786
    A dream, in color, like a ballet. For a contest
    Rated: E · Fantasy · #1588923
    Not stories, just scenarios that defy definition.
    Rated: 13+ · Comedy · #2044741
    A brief story using 80's sitcom titles.
    Rated: 13+ · Drama · #2027906
    Aftermath of war and civil uprisings, gangs and paramilitary groups try to take over.
    Rated: E · Experience · #2266968
    Roughing it makes you appreciate everyday things.
    Rated: E · Music · #2265569
    My teenage self had more self-affirmation and determination than my adult self.
    Rated: 13+ · Self Help · #2241328
    Response to video
    Rated: E · Western · #2233811
    Prepping for a woman's western
    Rated: E · Fantasy · #2216649
    They can be civil, given a chance. Short story for March contest,
    Rated: 13+ · Contest Entry · #2212251
    contest Entry, "the" ideal vacation. Fiction, has never happened, probably never will.
    Rated: E · Self Help · #2201570
    Collection of letters to self
    Rated: E · Western · #2173841
    Which male actor is your favorite cowboy in movies or TV shows?
    Rated: ASR · Relationship · #2125696
    An experiment to show that everyone has an interesting story if only he tells it properly.
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