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Welcome to my port! I write speculative fiction, mostly sci-fi & fantasy. Occasionally my muse manages to wring lines of poetry from my brain. Sometimes it rhymes. "My Writing Den is an intro to my writing. I enjoy reading a wide range of genres. The twistier & turnier the plot, the better. IRL, my husband & I are proud parents to 2 teens, The Boy *Heartb* & The Girl *HeartP* We share our home with 3 cats *Cat2**Cat**Cat2*, 2 dogs *Dog1**Dog2* & a turtle*Turtle2* A former restaurant GM, I now work part-time at a K-6 school & write when the muse commands it.
A chance meeting with a Unicorn opens the door to adventure... To be continued
Rated: E
~1,564 Words
Fantasy, Mythology, Folklore
Type: Other
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What seems impossible today is already possible tomorrow....
Rated: E
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Sci-fi, Fantasy, Action/Adventure
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Sisters uncover the secret their parents died for - the quest for Ile Lumesare
Rated: 13+
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Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Animal
Type: Novel
Updated 9 months ago
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