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Name: Hannah Age: 17 Grade: Senior in h.s. Penname: Jadedwolf Pass times: band and theatre and writing Check out my myspace for more info on me! Jadedwolf
    Rated: 13+ · Dark · #1465869
    continuation of Only For You follows Ch. 1 and prologue. pls read those first. R&R!
    Rated: E · Other · #1461049
    just some poems that I've written. check it out if you wish.
    Rated: 13+ · Dark · #1461024
    chap 1 of Only For You.follows prologue.love triangle in the pits of Hell.more sum inside
    Rated: 13+ · Dark · #1457430
    But love can't be stopped by death.love triangle in the pits of Hell.more sum inside.R&R!
    Rated: 13+ · Comedy · #1451238
    last bit, fifth, sixth, and seventh hours of Olivia's allnighter. end of All Hours. R&R!
    Rated: 13+ · Comedy · #1451236
    two o'clock, three o'clock, four o'clock rock! after All Hours ch 1&2. Please R&R!
    Rated: 13+ · Comedy · #1450865
    chap 2 of All Hours, same summary as Ch 1, still nonsense. R&R please!
    Rated: 13+ · Comedy · #1450860
    chap 1 of short story, satire comedy about all that can go wrong during an allnighter
    Rated: 13+ · Fanfiction · #1450858
    Very dark. Fanfiction of Twilight. Takes place after Edward leaves in NM. R&R please!
    Rated: E · Satire · #1445928
    Definitely the epitome of childhood games, played by older children. Very tacky. R&R pls!
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