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I want clever stories. I want difficult stories. I want to be surprised, I want to be shaken, I’m okay with uncomfortable. I want to solve puzzles, I want books that don’t end after you finish the last page; I’m prepared to struggle through a necessary build-up as long as it explodes in something wonderful. I look for this in stories I read, and I aim for this in stories I write.
How real is artificial? How do we know we are real?
Rated: ASR
~1,570 Words
Sci-fi, Psychology, Technology
Type: Short Story
Updated 21 days ago
A homeless man maintains a temple to an unlikely God accepting extreme sacrifices.
Rated: 13+
~2,918 Words
*Dollar* 400 GPs per review
Sci-fi, Detective, Horror/Scary
Type: Short Story
Updated 21 days ago
On Christmas Eve, up in the mountains, a single mum gives a curious hitchhiker a lift.
Rated: E
~2,544 Words
Sci-fi, Family, Folklore
Type: Short Story
Updated 21 days ago
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