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Tell us a story, old man.” The old man smiled and began to speak in a deep harmonic voice. Slowly with the magic of woven words, in the dancing and crackling firelight, the cold was swept away, the room faded and all who heard became entranced, transported to a land and a time they had never known. When he was done, he raised his eyes from the fire and surveyed the contented crowd around him. He grinned, and thought. “It was a simple tale. Really.”
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    New Visitors to my portfolio should read this first.
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    My thoughts on everything from albacore tuna to zebras
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    All my writing that's available to everyone to read
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    stuff I've entered in Writer's Cramp
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    Polls I've created down in my lab. "It's Alive!!!!, It's Alive!!!"
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    Do you like to write to prompts?Have a prompt contest? This is the place for you.
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    Competition: Each fortnight new prompts for a short story + 10,000 GPs/Awardicon available
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    Tell me the weirdest place the Muse compelled you to sit down to write and win gp's!
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