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My name is Jordan Wood. When I write I like to write "real" none of that stuff where you can't say what you really think. I don't always write from experiences but I always have lessons within my writing that does come directly from my own life. I write about everything that goes through my head, no matter what it is. Dont any of you ever judge me because of how I write, it isn't and never will be your place to do so. This is who I am....
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    Ya know when you just don't know how you feel?
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    Thanks, it needs to be said every now and then.
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    ....Poetry, it can be romantic can't it?
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    Attraction....we all know we experience it.
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    Just a song and a little lesson that I think people need to know
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    Idk, something I feel anyone who has been in a relationship should read
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    This is for everyone that has something about them that people see as "different"
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    Ideal yes....but It's what I'm aiming for.
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    an apology to the world and to you....my darling, I never meant to hurt you.
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