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I am 17 years old. poetry is a necessity for me. it's a part of my soul. It's what makes me who I am and it's what keeps me whole... when I'm struggling to breathe and when I'm struggling to think... I write myself a poem and all my fears just shrink.
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    feedback is highly appreciated!
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    feedback please.
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    song i wrote.feedback welcome!!!
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    Here's a song I wrote. hope y'all like it! feedback is greatly appreciated!!!
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    help me...
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    sometimes, I just wanna lay down & never get up... I'm tired of living this way...
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    Sometimes the world can feel so suffocating...
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    Sometimes you play a role for so long that you forget who you really are...
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    When it hurts... it hurts.
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    Some guys can be so blind.
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