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Hi! These days I'm semi-retired. *Smile* I'm also in the thoes of moving to a new state.
Once I'm settled in my new home, I'll get back to editing, rewriting, and finishing one of my favorite novels, "The Queen's Dressmaker!
Come in and sit a spell. Enjoy a little of my poetry and a story or two!
Happy Writing!
Katz   >^. .^<
Roweena creates dresses endowed with magic, but is her gift a blessing or a curse?
Rated: 13+
31 Entries
Fantasy, Romance/Love, Other
Type: Novel
Updated 5 months ago
What will Melindi face as she matures into a Soul Dancer gifted with the old Magic?
Rated: 13+
9 Entries
Fantasy, Romance/Love
Type: Novel
Updated 7 months ago
The 27000th century seen through the eyes of a young lady who longs to live in the past.
Rated: 13+
31 Entries
Type: Novel
Updated 6 months ago
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