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I write for the love of doing so. I write what I like, and only when I want...or when my two kids allow me. My current favourite genres are Supernatural Fiction (without sparkling vampires), High Fantasy (with magic), Future Fiction (like Shadowrun) and Twilight Zone-type Horror. I'm an avid gamer and writer. I brought my work out recently for the public to read. I hope you enjoy what I have written. My highlighted items are my vampire hunter serial, a folder conatinaing everything about my main character and a rewrite of the first novel I wrote. If you have questions, feel free to send me an e-mail. Thanks for reading!
The Hunter Series is currently under construction. Back soon with any luck
Rated: 13+
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Supernatural, Sci-fi, Melodrama
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Updated 4 years ago
This has everything involved in my main character Nathaniel
Rated: 13+
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Supernatural, Fantasy, Action/Adventure
Type: Folder
Updated about a year ago
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    Things I have written for various contests on Writing.com. Contains Winning entries.
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    Pictures and sigs that I have gotten
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