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Welcome to my eerie portfolio! Here divergent and original stories thrill, disturb and damage one’s self-image, insight, and, especially, the feeling of safety. I suggest something arcane and compelling, like a shadowy short story, or a 55-word short-short, or a Civil War article. Find something intriguing? - read a while. Nothing visibly frightenIng here, but, if a sudden chill touches the nape of your neck, an extra light might quickly stop the unseen ... entity. However, if the fear grows into terror, I must remind you that, though, I’m the author of these tales, I am not a god in my stories. Alas, I am but a referee. Enjoy your visit!
The Civil War as seen by the "Special Artists"
Rated: E
~2,184 Words
History, News, Educational
Type: Article
Updated 4 years ago
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