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Okay, so... New start now. I understand that when I last wrote anything it wasn't exactly imaginative, nor was it very...well let's face it, they kind of sucked. Big time :P Well now after college. and a few years maturing and growing up, I have decided to come back, hopefully better than I was before. So I am now 17, it's near christmas soooo I will soon be 18! Wow! Time flies! Anyways, Thankyou whoever read my previous stories, I appreciate it, but now I hope to have something which you may enjoy better, depending what your interests are. Hope you are all well and have a Merry Christmas when it comes! *LittleDarkFox.*
    Rated: 13+ · Animal · #1730634
    When Zephyr's home is threatened by strange creatures, how will she protect her home?
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