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    Rated: · Personal · #1784487
    A poetry about finding yourself
    Rated: · Tribute · #1784486
    A pantoum tribute to my country. Aotearoa is the maori word for New Zealand
    Rated: 18+ · Men's · #1784485
    Oral History. I interviewd this person for 30 mins and created his story in his voice
    Rated: · Death · #1784482
    I wrote this when my nana died and it was used as part of her funeral
    Rated: · Family · #1784480
    Grandma's Table
    Rated: · Health · #1784476
    A poem about Epilepsy
    Rated: · Environment · #1784472
    A writing exercise for my Uni Paper by repeating words and using them in different ways
    Rated: · Emotional · #1784470
    Finding Reflection
    Rated: · Death · #1784469
    This is a pantoum
    Rated: · Personal · #1784468
    My experience of the September 7.1 Magnitude earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/view/lubbielu