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Hey! Decided to drop by unannounced, did you? Well whatever, I'm not home anyways. I never am, so leave a message. I'm busy writing amateur stories no one will ever read, burying myself in text, or texting. What do you care? I write for fun and am in no way a professional. These are just doodles. But still, I hope you enjoy them. Reviews are welcome, I'm a firm believer in change. For the better, of course. As soon as you click on one of these gems, you'll be stepping through the fire into the realm of nonstop inner chatter. Try not to let it get it you, some of the voices make sense once in a while.
Music Anthology Contest
Rated: 13+
1 Items
Contest, Music
Type: Folder
Updated 4 days ago
Everyone wants to go home. Some of us will make it, some of us fall short.
Rated: E
~1,648 Words
Contest Entry, Sci-fi, Fantasy
Type: Short Story
Updated 16 days ago
A retelling of a classic, circa 1960
Rated: 13+
~720 Words
*Dollar* 251 GPs per review
Dark, Contest Entry, Other
Type: Short Story
Updated 5 days ago
    Rated: 13+ · Mythology · #2216719
    These stories were brought to us across time, space, and parallel planes of existence.
    Rated: E · Other · #2209742
    Freaks of the mind and their pedestal on which to stand for your amusement. 5 bits/gander
    Rated: GC · Personal · #2218005
    These are my poems. Of these I don't do many. They happen sometimes
    Rated: 13+ · Contest · #2217757
    Music Anthology Contest
    Rated: ASR · Other · #2217232
    What more is there to say?
    Rated: 13+ · Nonsense · #2217080
    Collection of the fun shorties I've created, most of them (if not all) for contests!
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