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I love to write, read, travel, sleep and eat - among other things. I love talking and laughing with my friends. I love learning new things. And I am freakishly obsessed with motorsport. I'm in my late-20s, British but currently living in Australia. I hope you enjoy my stories and random ramblings - and if you think I'll enjoy reading/reviewing yours, please drop me a line...
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    Short stories, fragments and other works of fiction
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    Non-fiction items
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    If you can't tell what's in this folder by its name, we may have a problem...
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    My first WDC blog, cruelly abandoned but not forgotten...
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    Warming up for the real thing with writing exercises
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    Anything to do with NaNoWriMo 2009
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    Awardicons I've given out
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    Characterisation assignment created for The Talent Pond's Fall Equinox Festival
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