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Somebody once told me that I'm an idiot. To this day, I wonder what gave it away... Major anime and AJR fan! Hit me up with a mail if you like either and your stupid friends can't relate! And remember, don't you dare smile after reading this. Oh no! You smiled, didn't you? *Angry* I do that...*InLove2* Keep smiling and loving and loving and smiling, just like that cute lil' emoticon up there! Oh, and did I mention smiling and loving? Silly me! *Whistle* Enjoy your stay at Xiea's port!
2nd place in 75 word story contest.
Rated: E
~76 Words
Contest Entry, Other, Other
Type: Outline
Updated 5 months ago
At some point, we all have wished our lives were perfect, right? Well, wish again...
Rated: E
~216 Words
Philosophy, Other, Other
Type: Poetry
Updated 5 months ago
Media prompts really get my brain running! Trying to touch upon the concept behind 'They'.
Rated: E
~122 Words
Adult, Legal, Other
Type: Poetry
Updated 5 months ago
    Rated: E · Other · #2200789
    For my silly poems, if you didn't figure that out from the bold text up there.
    Rated: E · Other · #2209898
    We all are opinionated lil' hags, aren't we? Click here to hop into my head for a bit.
    Rated: E · Other · #2200790
    What? Doesn't the title tell you enough?
    Rated: E · Music · #2212061
    Well, I don't really play any instruments, and no, I'm not proud of these lyrics I wrote.
    Rated: E · Activity · #2209671
    Welcome to the RAOK raffle!
    Rated: E · Activity · #2221188
    Love anime? Then this is your place!
    Rated: E · Emotional · #2219427
    How are you today? Fine, you say? Really? Or are you lying to yourself?
    Rated: E · Other · #2215961
    Well dis a cNote
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