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Somebody once told me that I'm an idiot. To this day, I wonder what gave it away... Major anime and AJR fan! Hit me up with a mail if you like either and your stupid friends can't relate! And remember, don't you dare smile after reading this. Oh no! You smiled, didn't you?
When we are so lost that in our milieu that our real self has to find its way back home.
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~551 Words
Experience, Psychology, Other
Type: Short Story
Updated 5 months ago
At some point, we all have wished our lives were perfect, right? Well, wish again...
Rated: E
~216 Words
Philosophy, Other, Other
Type: Poetry
Updated about 24 hours ago
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    What? Doesn't the title tell you enough?
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    For my silly poems, if you didn't figure that out from the bold text up there.
    Rated: E · Contest Entry · #2210857
    This was written for the January 2020 round of a a contest
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    We all are opinionated lil' hags, aren't we? Click here to hop into my head for a bit.
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    Welcome to the RAOK Raffle! Tickets for just 500 gps each!
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    I tried songwriting. It's too long, I guess but here goes nothing...
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