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I primarily post rough drafts of memoirs, essays, and other thoughts regarding mental illness, specifically bipolar disorder. I would urge anyone who suffers this affliction to take a gander and know that you are not alone; I would also urge anyone who cares for, loves, or knows a person with bipolar disorder to take a peek and hopefully gain a bit of insight into how differently our minds work. I cannot stress enough that I am not bipolar and neither are you-- we have bipolar, but we are far more than just a disease. We are people.
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    A special thanks to those who've reviewed and rated my work.
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    Medication: the single most important but most difficult treatment for those with bipolar.
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    When we need people the most, sometimes we withdraw because of our mental illnesses.
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    Living with mental illness is pretty lonely for most of us. My dog is my best friend.
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    Some days are tougher than others. Rapid cycle bipolar disorder doesn't help.
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    Sometimes holidays can be difficult, especially living with mental illness.
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    The difficulty of communicating with people who don't have mental illness.
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    If God is so great, why did He give me a mental illness? Is it part of His plan?
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    My first experience with mania. I hope it helps someone, somewhere, in even a small way.
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