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I'm 22 and study Chemistry at the University of Nottingham. I enjoy writing, but find less and less time to do it as university makes me busier.
I'd really like reviews for any of my items but especially my highlighted items on the left. When I review I hope to be as detailed as I can pointing out where you went right as well as where you could potentially improve.
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For Fantasy and Science Fiction authors. Open to all applications. come in and learn
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Fantasy, Sci-fi, Writing
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My usual comic offerings' home.
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    Everything to do with the FSFS is stored in here.
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    My usual comic offerings' home.
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    My WDC Contest Entries
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    The place for my dark pieces to dwell
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    Articles about writing and WdC.
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    My attempts at poetry
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    Polls, Ins and Outs, and surveys
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    On indefinite hiatus. Thrown into a world of magic Nathan must deal with the unknown!
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    A place for all my sigs. Made by me or gifted by others.
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