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I've always loved to read. I'm learning how to become a successful writer and had no idea what a journey it would be. I'm excited about this journey, however. I'm just going to continue (well, more honestly, start) to read books on how to write, take courses, attend conferences, and hopefully receive valuable critiques and advice from my fellow writers on this site. I look forward to reading all of the great things written by all of you and I hope you'll take the time to read mine. I would do anything to have my books on the shelves one day that people read and can't put down, the way so many authors have done for me.
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    A folder of my short stories
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    A folder of my poems
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    Poems, short stories, etc. that are still in the works
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    Different awards I plan on giving to other writers
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    My thoughts on destiny in regards to love & missing your moment to be with your soul mate.
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