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✍ 🎨 ✍ *RibbonB*Welcome to my Portfolio: I'm Sandy Fisher. Call me Sandy (Pen name Molly King). Writing has been a love of mine since my teens, word spinning worlds of intrigue and adventure are my passion. I write in the genres of Fiction: Faith, Sci-Fi, thriller, suspense, horror and adventure. Time travel and clandestine real-world conspiracies await you here in my Port. So read and enjoy!
A powerful enemy threatens the existence of all mankind.
Rated: 13+
3 Entries
Sci-fi, Horror/Scary, Supernatural
Type: Novel
Updated about a month ago
Entry types vary. Sharing helpful things that I find in my studies to become an author.
Rated: E
11 Entries
Career, Inspirational, Personal
Type: Journal/Blog
Updated 6 months ago
FanFiction: Early Edition spin-off of unofficial sorts. New York City-based. Heroic acts
Rated: GC
2 Chapters
Fanfiction, Supernatural, Drama
Type: Interactive Story
Updated 6 months ago
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