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Life is tough sometimes, but hobbies & little happiness makes life worthwhile. Writing is my hobby. I feel like I need to channel my daydream to a writing so I can move on and not be crazy. All books are written from my phone. My thumbs are very strong and muscly, unlike the rest of me. I'll shut up now. Be kind. Be positive. Be yourself. Unless you can be batman, then be batman. Or an elf. Or hobbit. Or wizard. Or dwarf. Or orc. Wait. Don't be an orc. But if you have to, be a Uruk-hai. Just don't be lame
Lika was Henry Kingsley's PA & best friend. He messed up & vowed to get her back. ROMANCE
Rated: 18+
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Romance/Love, Friendship, Young Adult
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Updated 11 months ago
My LOTR romance fanfiction. Glorfindel x female OC. Slow build. Happy Ending (Completed)
Rated: 13+
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Fanfiction, Romance/Love, Action/Adventure
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Updated 11 months ago
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