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My primary interest as a writer is to see my science fiction novel currently a work in progress become animation or live-action even a game currently on writing.com I have 3 interactive original ideas the other seven are fan-based Originally I intended to make a single novel about an entity that's obsessed with young adult human females that are more than chubby An entity that I call the Chubby Primary unfortunately I had three different ideas for novel to deal with this problem I broke it into three interactive stories. I am now in the process of recombining them back into a single novel. As I originally intended.
Young adult human females supernaturally start swelling in pleasure and weight gain.
Rated: XGC
23 Chapters
Adult, Supernatural, Other
Type: Interactive
Updated 12 months ago
A unique A.I. program forces its creator to become a chubby immobile version of herself
Rated: XGC
9 Chapters
Adult, Sci-fi, Technology
Type: Interactive
Updated 4 years ago
A mysterious spaceship makes young adult human females swell in pleasure and weight gain
Rated: XGC
11 Chapters
Adult, Sci-fi, Other
Type: Interactive
Updated 3 years ago
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