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I live in the lovely (if sometimes boring) Salt Lake City, UT. Anyway, as I'm sure you'll all shortly become aware, what I really want is to get a fantasy book published (well a series really). Otherwise I'm very interested in ancient history and mythology and am planning to major in Ancient Religions. Haven't gotten around to it yet though... Living where I do has also given me a great appreciation for the outdoors; I love to go hiking, backpacking, and of course skiing. That about sums it up.
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    Anything set in the world of my series: "The Ascendancy." Includes "The Blade of Souls."
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    My Poetry.
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    Items from the world of Shadowcant. Necromancy, war, fate, and family.
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    Prose, essays, other short stories, anything not belonging in another folder.
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    Any images not directly related to The Ascendancy.
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