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I believe that butterflys are free... I have four children 24, 21, 13 and 11. One grandson Jayden and another grandson on the way! :). I feel so blessed! I was raised in the mountains of Elba, Idaho, so, I am a mountain girl :) I am a third grade elementary teacher! I think old people drive slow because they already know getting there isn't what counts; it's the journey that matters. I am an innerchild advocate..God bless both of you!
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    spiritual newsletter items
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    Self Expression
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    I created this folder to put my all time favorite things I have written in here.
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    This is my family things, pictures, and so on.
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    This folder contain fiction works and other things that seemed homeless
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    This is my feelings on paper
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    This is some poems that I have deemed a little racey :)
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    I hope you enjoy my poems
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    Poems that are rated G
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    This is my forums..I have two so far..that might change..
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    images in my portfolio
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