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I was gone for a while, but I think it safe to say now I am back and attempting to write again. A lot has changed in life over the years, and at times it is hard for me to get my thoughts outright, so be patient with me, please, Or ill disappear for hockey season. Lol Some of my stuff is open to the public now. Blog and other stuff locked down. Registered users only! You got to earn the keys to the Kingdom Check out my newest story, Updating Always when I can. "Nothing But A Good Time [XGC]
The journal of a Psychopath and his journey to the life of a Serial Killer.
Rated: XGC
12 Entries
Crime/Gangster, Psychology, Dark
Type: Novel
Updated 6 months ago
The Igloo of Madness. Come for the Crazy, Stay for the Fun!
Rated: 18+
60 Entries
Political, Personal, Emotional
Type: Journal/Blog
Updated 4 months ago
Short stories from 2020 and on!
Rated: E
9 Items
Fantasy, Fanfiction, Horror/Scary
Type: Folder
Updated 7 months ago
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