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Hello there! My name is Gabby, short for Gabrielle. I am a recently graduated student from High School. I will be attending college soon for Psychology. Writing is a hobby that I rarely find time for. My favorite things to write are short stories and poetry. Because I am interested in Psychology, my writings tend to take a darker and psychological approach to writing.
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    I wrote this poem while I was going through the process of being cheated on.
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    Me and my boyfriend write this poem together as his assignment for English.
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    I wrote this poem for the "Glow up, Grow up" scholarship. I did not get it.
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    This poem was written in the mindset of an african american during the time of slavery.
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    I wrote this poem as part of my project for photography to explain my collages' meaning.
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    This story was created to while working on various types of phrases in English class.
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    I wrote this story in my contemporary literature class to work on story writing skills.
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    I wrote this as a bed time story but I think it is better labeled as a short story.
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