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Hey everyone I'm Rosie, and obviously I love to write. I also love to read, and just recently I found myself bored at the public library because I have almost read all the books I wanted to. Anyways, as I did in my other bio thingy, I'll give you a few interesting facts about yours truly: 1) I hate snakes. They scare me. 2) I love Italian food. My family is majorly Italian, so we eat a lot of it. 3) my favorite subject in school is history, but I love learning about the past presidents. Oh, and my favorite was Ronald Regan, eventhough I wasn't alive when he was head hauncho. So there you are. Peace, Rosie. psthecharacterlimitsucks
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    Years old mystery re-surfaces. Nothing is ever what it seems. Please review!
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    What happens if you don't have anyone to rely on? Your on your own? Please review!
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