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Hi there. I'm just one more random anon lurking around lol. I'm mostly into shrinking/gts stuff, mostly focusing on butts and farts, but I can do some other things. No scat though If you want to ask anything about my stories or me, and don't want to deal with the site for whatever reason, I can be reached on: https://twitter.com/TLolzon https://www.collaberotica.org/users/136-randomanon On Discord as Random Anon#5613 I'm also taking donations on Ko-Fi, if you'd like to throw me a bone: https://ko-fi.com/random_anon I'm also a regular on the /d/ size and fart threads, so if you ask or mention me, I'll probably pop up from lurking
One day you unexpectedly shrink and have to survive around some (rather gassy) giantesses.
Rated: 13+
1,185 Chapters
Fantasy, Erotica, Other
Type: Interactive
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