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I am a teenage writer, and I've been writing ever since I was about ten. Up until then, I was a reader, first and formost. Once I had read nearly everything in the school library that was of interest to me, I decided to start writing. The stories I really wanted to hear hadn't been written yet, so I may as well write them. I am willing to review most anything except erotica. Although you may find that I am horrible at reviewing poetry. If you want me to review anything, just shoot me an e-mail, and I'll get on it as soon as I can. I'll part you with my favorite quote. "To have faith is to have wings." -Peter Pan, by J.M. Barrie
    Rated: 13+ · History · #1925941
    He thought he didn't need anyone. But the girl with flaming hair shows him wrong.
    Rated: 13+ · History · #1918080
    With a slingshot scepter and a crown of smoke, he rules with all the power of a king.
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