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I think..... That's what I do. It may sound silly but that is when I am free, but it's also where I'm trapped. Some days the vastness of my brain is like a miracle and I'm flying. Other days, it's a prison I can't escape... Writing is a way for me to share my thoughts with others, store inner thoughts that I would otherwise forget, release what I want to forget or just don't have room for, and sometimes... just because I have to. I'm still learning and I know I haven't even begun to tap the resources of my power to imagine...but hopefully I'll be able to continue to share my inner experiences by writing.
Poem about the game of love
Rated: E
~147 Words
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Relationship, Romance/Love, Inspirational
Type: Poetry
Updated 10 years ago
Lyrics - (Song Lyrics) Disappointed lover's second-hand lament. In love with a narcissist.
Rated: E
~155 Words
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Romance/Love, Music, Relationship
Type: Lyrics
Updated 3 years ago
Listen when there is no sound*Hear when no one speaks*Then you may just...
Rated: E
~161 Words
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Personal, Death, Experience
Type: Poetry
Updated 6 years ago
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