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The Affirmative Answer: Did Pascal’s Triangle love a Fibonacci Sequence?
BestPoetryCollection…it was enough…a book coming, keep telling myself. Arbitrary deadlines near, pass like blaring traffic.
So, there's that.
Sweet 🍇 of life will have to wait before *Drink* savored.
Could be awhile.          *Hourglass*          Not much. How ‘bout you?
Is this on? *Mic* *tap* *tap*
Anyhoo, what’ve I written lately?
Diagnosed with fiction disorder. Reason: "Life’s Little Interruptions 🥀🦋 Uncurable
2x BestPoetryCollecti on when I had a fever. From 2006-23, cast words to world wide wind.
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Party 23 years from now? Writing.Com fiction contest that looks 23 years into the future.
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🍁 LAST YEAR: Poems of most inspiring season to write about — Autumn. GOING AWAY🍁
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