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Robert Edward Baker is a middle-aged guy from Yorkshire, England, who enjoys writing prose and poetry almost as much as he loves eating chocolate. I mean, let's be honest. Nothing beats eating chocolate. :D Please check out my awesome friends Sally Snowflake , 🌜 Huntersmoon , WS_Krampus_Says_Bah_Humbug , Thankful Sonali WDC Power! , Schnujo Ho Ho Ho , Azrael Tseng and inkwell
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As Father Christmas retires, who is up to the job of replacing him? For What a Character.
Rated: 13+
~2,134 Words
Folklore, Sci-fi, Contest Entry
Type: Short Story
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Ronald regrets bullying Sam in high school and wishes to apologize - for What a Character.
Rated: 18+
~1,816 Words
Medical, Inspirational, Family
Type: Short Story
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    This folder contains all the items in my portfolio written in prose.
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    Look in here for poetry and lyrics.
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