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I have been married for 44 years(in 2011). My wife is a Tasmanian, aged 64. We've had 3 children: ages in 2011-44, 41 and 34. I am 67, a Canadian who moved to Australia in 1971 and have written several books--all available on the internet. I retired from part-time teaching in 2003 and full-time teaching in 1999 after 32 years in classrooms as a teacher and 18 as a student.. In addition, I have been a member of the Baha'i Faith for 52 years(in 2011). Bio-data: 6ft, 230 lbs, Caucasian.
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    I always liked Roger White's poem Applesauce, & its clever comment on sex.
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    Gore Vidal was the finest essayist in the English-speaking world from 1950-2000.
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    In April of 1962 the Rolling Stones rock band was formed.
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    I’ve written about this series on television before but want to say a few more words.
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    Some people plan, consciously or unconsciously, to write in the form of their diaries.
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