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Hey! Why don't you stroll on down and take a look? I love fantasy and action/adventure, so naturally, thats what I write, though there is a few other bits & pieces down there. Some of my favourite books include: All Tamora Pierce novels, The Cry of the Icemark books by Stuart Hill, Matthew Reilly, David Eddings and the Twilight Saga. I'm a 15yo girl, love horses, and live on a dairy farm in Australia. So go on - take a look! You know you want to... *Bigsmile*
    Rated: ASR · Action/Adventure · #1551050
    A squire is shocked by a duel offered in spite& greed but finds more than he bargained for
    Rated: ASR · Action/Adventure · #1533792
    The Kindom depends on Alec delivering his message - but there're people who wish otherwise
    Rated: ASR · Action/Adventure · #1521720
    A Prince betrays his Kingdom, and the Duke is sent to capture him. Short : )
    Rated: 13+ · Fantasy · #1519499
    Zrathem (a dragon) is being hunted. When he is captured, an unexpected ally arrives
    Rated: ASR · Action/Adventure · #1519077
    A very short one about a girl in the snow who gets into trouble with a snowmonster/yeti...
    Rated: E · Other · #1551048
    Abstract type poem on life and its discrepancies.
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