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My name is Krysha and I enjoy poetry and paranormal romance. I like to repay all reviews with a review of my own. Get to know me and my life through my writing. I am a Master's in English and Creative Writing student at Southern New Hampshire Universtiy and I am also a freelance writer. Getting paid for something I love to do is the ultimate dream and I'm living it! Now, if I could just get paid for a book I would be the happiest writer on Earth! Welcome to my port - enjoy your stay - and don't forget to leave a review while you are here! *Heart*
I have a new life, a wonderful new family that supports and encourages me - I'm happy!
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Need a review? Want to help charities? Just like frogs? Then stop in and request a review!
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A monthly poetry contest sponsored by The Talent Pond. Come on by!
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