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Hello. I am safirediaz. I've been writing for many years now. I like to write fanfiction, biopunk, stories about misunderstood monster-ladies, anime-styled adventures, fantasy, science-fiction noir and horror stories... I also like to write about giantesses, human biology and stories about weird stuff happening to everyday people. I still need to learn the rules, but I learn all the time. I like most anime, Pokemon and simple RPGs... I also love Mecha and supernatural stuff, mild romance novels, horror and Christian fiction...
An experimental, abstract storyline of self-endo and a vision-quest collaboration
Rated: GC
30 Additions
Entertainment, Educational, Sci-fi
Type: Campfire Creative
Updated 16 days ago
When 'created' characters unleash into 'real' existence, chaos breaks loose, GP for adds.
Rated: 18+
151 Chapters
Adult, Erotica, Fantasy
Type: Interactive
Updated 4 months ago
Steph Tsunade finds out that she was stuck in a rather literal mind palace... Ask to join!
Rated: GC
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Dark, Melodrama, Fantasy
Type: Campfire Creative
Updated about a month ago
    Rated: 13+ · Mystery · #1937476
    A super spy investigates weird info while collecting data from other local agencies
    Rated: GC · Adult · #1643199
    The shadow of a doubt crept closer as Delis realised there was no way out... Srtchsss...
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