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*Leaf3* Welcome to the portfolio of Sange Bloodsinger.*Leaf3* The swashbuckling swordfighter who has a passion for writting the fantastic dreams of the night. *Leaf3* Enjoy the texts which are written herein. Reviews bring much joy to my soul and good Karma to yours. *Leaf3* Check out my website dedicated to my novels here - www.kallinsgate.com
    Rated: E · Sci-fi · #1431406
    The precurser to Kallin's adventure
    Rated: E · Sci-fi · #1431407
    Begining of Kallin's Involvment in the War
    Rated: E · Sci-fi · #1431411
    Awakening From A Dream
    Rated: E · Sci-fi · #1431412
    Unusual Introductions
    Rated: E · Fantasy · #1431415
    Devils Among Us
    Rated: 13+ · Comedy · #1430039
    A contract which you can use to capture the souls of others and make them do your bidding.
    Rated: E · Inspirational · #1429053
    A story about my last swim meet that has inspired me to keep "swimming" through life.
    Rated: E · Comedy · #1425357
    A script for a short, comedic documentary describing what a "noob" is. Work in progress
    Rated: E · Emotional · #1425355
    A longing to not disappear with the flows of time
    Rated: E · Mystery · #1425350
    What is the point behind these bizarre thefts? Is there a point?
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/view/sange