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Sarrin Blackthorne has been writing for about 26 years, but only recently gathered up the courage to submit her work to local and privately circulated publications. Her first book titled "The Black Widow Speaks". Her other published credits include a piece entitled "Tapestries of Youth" included in an anthology called "Cracks in the Paint". Sarrin was born and raised in and around Portland, Oregon. She has been married for 17 Years, and has three wonderful boys. Her family is extremely supportive and encourage her writing as often as possible. Currently, she is involved in a long term project with her brother Galen Blackthorne.
    Rated: 13+ · Detective · #1822277
    This isn't done, it is just barely started. I am looking for comments.
    Rated: · Other · #1822276
    From a prompt
    Rated: · Other · #1822274
    About 9/11
    Rated: · Family · #1822273
    From a writing prompt
    Rated: 13+ · Fantasy · #1822256
    From a writing Prompt: How would you use this title? "When your skin cannot contain you?"
    Rated: · Other · #1376330
    What happens after happily ever after wears off.
    Rated: · Supernatural · #1340157
    A changer story
    Rated: · Other · #1340155
    10 year reunion
    Rated: · Fantasy · #1340150
    It is a love story. What happens when the one you love goes into eternity without you?
    Rated: 18+ · Adult · #1076359
    Two lovers come together in the end.
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