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Hello, and Welcome to my port. Have a seat and relax with some reading from my port. I love to write just about anything that interests me. I also love to review, I find that It helps me to write better and see my own mistakes. my favorite genre is children's stories and young adult. Thrillers are fun too! WDC has opened up a whole new world for me, and I'm happy to be a part of this world. new friends, Games, Contests. It's all here! The best part is the advice I get from everyone who's read my work; be it help; or just kind words. Thank you.Heart
Poppy has too many strawberries this year and Sunshine comes up with an idea to share them
Rated: E
~1,040 Words
Children's, Comedy, Friendship
Type: Fiction
Updated 9 days ago
Have you ever truly thought about what The American Dream really is?
Rated: E
~442 Words
Military, Experience, Family
Type: Essay
Updated 9 days ago
A story about my beloved Shih~Tzu Brandy and her amazing life.
Rated: E
~893 Words
Animal, Pets, Contest Entry
Type: Short Story
Updated 3 months ago
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