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Shadow is a want-to-be author, a mother, a wife, and an endless thinker. She is enjoying her time here on Writing.com. The friendships she has cemented have proven invaluable in her quest and goal of being a first time published author. Some of her friends here are:ACE , WorkInProgress mood indigo , Vivian , darkin, Lady Stars , Brians Next Novel Almost Done! , auric, It's too hot already! , kafkaesque, and Jedi Moose . Proud Sponsor *Star*Stephen Alexander *Star* Registered Member since March 22, 2003. Preferred Author since July 12, 2003.
A summer cottage hides betrayal and shame.
Rated: 18+
~797 Words
Adult, Emotional, Women's
Type: Fiction
Updated 4 years ago
Created for Winter Witch's month long contest.
Rated: 18+
47 Entries
Contest, Music, Writing
Type: Journal/Blog
Updated 5 years ago
A story about my brother's curiosity.
Rated: E
~605 Words
Contest, Contest Entry, Holiday
Type: Short Story
Updated 6 years ago
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