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Welcome to my Portfolio. I do suggest you look at this link: "Welcome, Read Me First!or the item below. I was educated as a Structural Engineer and have been an avid reader of Fantasy and Science Fiction since Middle School. While a practicing engineer, I decided to write for a break from the routine. It kept me sane so I never stopped. Now I'm here on WdC to get serious, learn and meet other authors. It was better to start late than never at all. Canimagine passed away in July of 2018. He will be fondly remembered for the stories he told, preserved here forever.
Two hundred years after a colony vanishes, they return with a warning.
Rated: 18+
31 Entries
Sci-fi, Relationship, Military
Type: Novel
Updated 5 years ago
Parenting can have exciting moments. Father like son, may not always turn out as expected.
Rated: 13+
~1,460 Words
Comedy, Parenting, History
Type: Non-fiction
Updated 6 years ago
Do magical beings need worry about social justice in 2018? A comedic flash fiction.
Rated: ASR
~1,149 Words
Fantasy, Comedy, Satire
Type: Fiction
Updated 6 years ago
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