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These stories are old, but they're some of my favorites. I'm a bartender-turned-chef who used to write, and I'm slowly getting back into the habit. I love horror best, but my interests are all over the place, so I guess anything could turn up here in the future. Hope you enjoy what you read here!
    Rated: 18+ · Horror/Scary · #1119690
    1st in awhile. Am surprised at myself for the gruesome subject matter. Hope it works.
    Rated: 13+ · Horror/Scary · #997061
    Sam was a "good one," happy to do as he was told...until he found a friend.
    Rated: 18+ · Horror/Scary · #880305
    Casey isn't afraid of all bathrooms, just the one at the Maple theater...
    Rated: 18+ · Horror/Scary · #877100
    Miranda's New Orleans hotel has some unusual restrictions--and for a good reason.
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