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an avid reader, have always been, of literature and poetry...a writer in the making; I've always been fascinated with the magic that words can weave. wrote some poems and reflections.....
    Rated: E · Cultural · #1723822
    I wrote this poem upon seeing a picture of one of Beijing's ancient landmarks.
    Rated: E · Romance/Love · #1723243
    My first try at story-telling -- it tells of the uncertainty of young love.
    Rated: E · Inspirational · #1723238
    My reflective sharing of wisdom to all young people whoever they may be...
    Rated: E · Nature · #1723046
    just my simple play of words...
    Rated: E · Romance/Love · #1723037
    one of my poignantly haunting poems...
    Rated: E · Nature · #1722735
    A poem I wrote in 2000, inspired by both Enya and a postcard of a Shanghai Budhist Temple
    Rated: E · Fantasy · #1722725
    I was trying to come up with something lyrical and whimsical so as not to be mushy.
    Rated: E · Inspirational · #1722718
    It's my description of life in general.
    Rated: E · Religious · #1722691
    A Reflection Paper which I wrote sometime in 2002 based on readings in my theology class
    Rated: E · Tribute · #1722686
    This is a poem I wrote way back in 2000 for all my ESL/FL students, then and now.
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