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Last time I was here, I rescued and restructured the "30-Day Blogging Challenge ON HIATUS. Then I hung out in the "The Steampunk Authors' Guild and released a record breaking newsletter, "The Clockwork Crier: Beyond Yesterday Who knows, this time I might actually finish some stories! (EYEROLL) But you know what? One of the things I missed the most about WDC while I was away - and the number one thing that brought me back - was the communities. I liked being part of something, and I especially liked being able to communicate with down-to-earth writers like me. For this reason..."We Need to Have A Talk About Writing... [E]
A message forum discussing the craft of writing. I often repost articles for discussion.
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Writing, Hobby/Craft, Community
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Updated 3 years ago
Secondary issue of the Steampunk Author Guilds newsletter, The Clockwork Crier. High GP $$
Rated: E
~3,515 Words
*Dollar* 1,875 GPs per review
Steampunk, Sci-fi, Fantasy
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Updated 6 years ago
Supporting all things Punk on WDC; create the Steampunk Detectives: Clangour & Hiss.
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