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My name is Tilli and I am a Pirate-Ninja-Orc Warlord who just wants to fit in with the crowd. But, there are a few problems: every time I see an unguarded graphing calculator it has a way of ending up in my toy-chest at home; whenever I duel with a fellow classmate my magic doesn't seem to work, so I end up just shouting elvish at them, getting hit in the face, and licking the dust off the locker-room floor; and for unknown reasons, none of the band-nerds will heed my orders... :D
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    Here is where I truely spend my time on WDC. It has guides on everything and more. Enjoy.
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    Just a compliation of a bunch of this that "define" me.
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    Folder of Articles.
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    I toss all my Poetry in this box.
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    This file contains all of my Prose Items.
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    Here dwells all my Short Stories.
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    I hoard all my random items here. Don't get lost, okay?
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