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Hello, name's Lelouch. Been at this site for over three years now and still come every day! Not much to say about me my writing doesn't do for me. Big anime fan, especially the more obscure series. Love video games. My favorite anime's probably Kara no Kyoukai and anime is probably Berserk. That being said I'm friendly enough. Treat me nicely and I'll do the same. If you need me for something like say, an add please ask. I can't guarantee anything but I'll at least consider it.
You were born unable to die, but at the cost of your size.
Rated: 18+
380 Chapters
Erotica, Fantasy, Adult
Type: Interactive
Updated about a month ago
A Size Changing Interactive based around the various series and games of Type-Moon!
Rated: 18+
101 Chapters
Adult, Erotica, Entertainment
Type: Interactive
Updated about a year ago
A shrink interactive featuring various animes. At least 200 GP for good adds
Rated: 18+
2,042 Chapters
Erotica, Adult, Fanfiction
Type: Interactive
Updated 27 days ago
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