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Welcome to my little alcove of this vast writing community. Here, you will mainly encounter poetry and short stories of varying length. There’s an incomplete novel or two shuffled down to the bottom. The poetry is catharsis; the stories (and novels) were created to entertain. In either case, comments/reviews are highly appreciated.
Fantasy is my bent.
Feeling creative?
using fairy tales as catharsis for personal heartaches (free verse poetry)
Rated: 13+
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*Dollar* 275 GPs per review
Personal, Dark, Experience
Type: Collection
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short story contest winners and placers
Rated: 13+
11 Items
Drama, Romance/Love, Fantasy
Type: Folder
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A novel. (rewrite-in-progre ss)
Rated: 18+
12 Items
Fantasy, Mystery, Dark
Type: Folder
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